Bird Control

Specialists in a wide variety of bird control solutions

Microbee has a team of specialists who have experience in dealing with a wide variety of bird related issues. These can include dealing with simple clean and disinfect tasks to installing netting to grade 2 listed buildings. Have a look at our portofolio of past projects.

About urban birds

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected. Some birds, in some situations are regarded as pests and can present limited exception within this act. Once all non-lethal methods have been considered, specific birds can be killed under the General License.

Why control Urban Birds?

  • Birds carry a variety of diseases such as E.Coli, Listeria and Ornithosis that can be transmitted to man not only from fouling but also the bird themselves. When dry, pigeon fouling can become airborne in small particles, which can lead to respiratory complaints such as psittacosis.
  • Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode stonework, brickwork, insulation and even metals. Nesting materials can block chimneys, flues and guttering, causing damage to buildings as water overflows from blocked gutters.
  • Buildings covered in fouling look unpleasent and can smell. They often reflect a poor image to potential clients or tenants. Potential customers observing a heavy bird infestation on a premises may not want to do business with you or even move into a new property.
  • Other issues that have been linked closely to bird activity are parasites such as mites, ticks, fleas, beetles and even cockroaches! So if you a parasitic infestation, which has present a challenge in eradication you could have a current or past problems with birds.
  • Methods of control

    We can offer a wider variety of services including:
  • Fouling cleaning and disinfecting
  • Installation of exclusion netting
  • Installation of anti-perching spikes
  • Installation of anti-perching wire
  • Installation and maintennce of the Agrilaser system
  • Bespoke systems
  • Our credentials

  • Microbee is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).
  • Our Field Staff hold the RSPH / BPCA (Level 2) Award in Pest Management.
  • We have specialists staff holding a wide variety of industry specific certifications including CSCS, IPAF, PASMA, TETRA, Bird Control Agrilaser Installer and Surveyor, Safe Use in Air rifles and much more.
  • All our technicians work in a discreet way when on our clients' premises.
  • CHAS accredited, UVDB registered, Safe Contractor, Safe4site accredited and many more.
  • Bird issues?

    Nightmare pigeons?

    Feral pigeons are the most common issue in rural areas such as London. They breed all year around and can cause a huge health hazard with their fouling.

    Attacking gulls?

    Gulls are the second most common issue in rural areas. Their aggressive behaviour can cause a large problem particularly for engineers on roofs.

    Noisy Parakeets?

    Parakeets have become an increasing issue in many areas of the UK, particularly North London. They can be very noisey and cause damage to air vents. We can replace your airvent or provide further support.

    Unsure what it is?

    We can help with a wide variety of birds. We offer free of charge surveys within the M25 area. Why not drop us an email with a description of your enquiry and relevant photos or simply fill out a contact form