The company

Founded in 1984

Microbee emerged from a series of Business interests such as Bees & Honey Ltd started by the original directors David and Hazel Channon.

As the only commercial Beekeepers listed in the London telephone directory at the time there were enquiries every summer from the public to come and deal with swarms of honeybees, many of which turned out to be wasps.

Attending to deal with these wasps was a frustrating waste of time and eventually David went to a Pest Control supplier and bought the equipment to deal with wasps, warning those who called him out that he would take bee swarms for free but charge for wasps.

This did not deter customers and those that used us for wasps started to call again when they had mice, rats and other pests.

In 1984 a limited company was formed named “Microbee” because of the “bee” connection and the use of a “micro” computer to manage the paperwork. One of those early customers was a Managing Agent called Gross Fine & Krieger Chalfen. They started calling Microbee whenever they had a pest related problem.

So it was that when called to look at a pigeon problem where polythene garden netting had been used and failed that David's rock-climbing and engineering skills came into play and more robust materials were selected and sourced. Again, one job led to another and eventually to the formation of Microbee Bird Control Ltd as a sister company. As time went by, more managing agents started to use the companies and employees were taken on and trained up to deliver the services.

It became important to be as professional as possible because clients relied upon the advice and services given and so Microbee appointed Biologists to oversee the quality of the service and to carry out pest related research. Since those early years Microbee has always had a few research biologists on the team.

David himself has a PhD in Zoology and the current MD Sofia Calderon has a Masters in Biology as does Lucy Groves head of the Environmental business and Gina Siebler head of Bird Control.

This year (2016) marks year thirty of a Sewer Rodent research and monitoring project for Thames Water which is just one of many scientific projects the company has researched and published over the years.

David's chance conversation with an old acquaintance led to Tom Evans coming into the group to start up and head up Microbee Tree Management Ltd. Tom's encyclopedic knowledge of trees and their diseases meant that the business grew quite rapidly.

There is a lot of cross-fertilisation within the group as the management team work across all of the business and try to provide a seamless service for clients based around the original problem-solving, solution-providing ethos.

A few years ago, David and Hazel took a conscious decision to step back and to allow the younger managers to exercise their skills and run the businesses, bringing them onto the board as directors.

The current board have cut their teeth and grown with the businesses. They now run them fully, only referring to David & Hazel when an unusual problem crops up which they might have some insight Bees in air vents!