Other Services

In house specialists in a wide variety of environmental services

Microbee has BSc, MSc, MRes and even PhD qualified speciailists who are experts in a wide variety of environmental management services.

Some of the services we can offer, include

Habitat and Wildlife Management
  • Canada geese
  • Rabbit control

  • Water feature management, including:
  • Water chemical analysis
  • Algae control and removal
  • Mosquito treatment and monitoring
  • Pond and Lake creation

  • Nestbox installation:
  • Bird boxes
  • Bat Boxes

  • Ecology surveys:
  • Habitat
  • Protected species
  • Ecological assessment report
  • Our credentials

  • All our Biologists, Zoologists and Ecologists have a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science or Doctorate degrees.
  • Specialist staff have role specific training and qualifications such as phase 1 and 2 habitat surveyor.
  • Many of our Technicians are security cleared to work on Government premises.
  • All our staff work in a discreet way when on our clients' premises.
  • CHAS accredited, UVDB registered, Safe Contractor, Safe4site accredited and many more.
  • Environmental related issues?

    Algae out of control?

    Do you have a pond or lake where the algae growth has gone out of control? We can help! We can help control and over time eliminate growth as well as provide monitoring services.

    Keen to increase biodiversity?

    We can install nestboxes and offer regular servicing. We can also undertake detailed habitat surveys and create bespoke programms to increase biodiversity at your site.

    Fish dying and unsure why?

    Is there a chemical inbalance in the water or are your fish sick? Let us help you by analysing the water composition and re-creating a balance. We can help whatever the issue is.

    Suspect an endangered species onsite?

    Our ecologist can undertake an in depth survey of your site to evaluate this for you. They can provide you with an ecological assessment report to formally confirm onsite populations.