(Order Hymenoptera)

Hymenoptera is a very large order of insects, which includes ants, wasps and bees. In the UK the Common Black Ant (Lasius niger) and Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium pharaonis) are the two most common species to cause issues. It is essential that they are identified correctly as spraying for Pharaoh Ants can worsen the infestation.

Black Ant

Appearence: Shiny black in colour; 2-3mm in length.

Habitat: They are a temperate species living in soil or in association with dwellings. They form nests in gardnes, under paving stones, in foundations or occasionally within buildings. Workers are very active and will forage on a wide variety of foods.

Importance: Foraging workers a nuisance but not normally a health risk. "Flying ants" emerge during mating season.

Control: Proof entry points where possible with sealents. Treatment involves two visits, spaced one month apart. Microbee can undertake residual sprays to kll or deter entry of ants. Slow acting poison in the form of gel can also be used either as an alternative or in conjunction with the spray.

Pharaoh Ant

Appearence: Pale straw-yellow in colour with darker head and abdomen; up to 2mm in length.

Habitat: These are tropical species and only really found in heated buildings in the UK. They are small, monile and active at all times of the day. Form nests in cavities and heating ducts.

Importance: May carry disease organisms. Contamination of food and steril materials. Can penetrate packaging due to small size. Ability to travel through ducting and building structure means infestations can become very widespread.

Control: DO NOT SPRAY as this can worsen the infestation. Treatment involves two visits, spaced one month apart. Baits are placed with slow acting poison, which workers take back to the queen.

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  • Biopren
  • Ficam D
  • Ficam W
  • Formidor
  • Max Force Quantum Ant Gel
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